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Pamela Skillman, LCSW


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Sexual Issues
Same Sex Relationships
Infertility Issues
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  Couples want connection. So why is it so hard sometimes? How do we return to that state where we felt free to express our hurts, our fears, our love?  And how do we allow our partners to reciprocate that love and affection we so desperately need?  Many couples say that they feel so disconnected that isolation and distance feels like the new normal.

  So how do you get back on track?

  Imago Relationship Therapy provides the tools and skills that help couples find their way back to connection in a safe and comfortable way.  I provide that holding and comfortable space where you can feel safe to explore all aspects of yourself and all aspects of your relationship. By understanding your selves, both you and your partner are better able to understand how you contribute to and react to the relationship.

  Each of us is a relational being. Our ability not only to understand our own patterns, tendencies, and vulnerabilities but to truly love and forgive ourselves for all these things is what ultimately leads to new growth and connection. Only then can we love and forgive our partners.

“Until we have seen someone’s darkness,we don’t really know who they are.  Until we have forgiven someone’s darkness we don’t really know what love is.”
                                —Marianne Williamson

  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker having recently moved from the States, and have extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families on their journey to better understanding. To begin your own journey of discovery, feel free to give me a call.


Belsize Park, London

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