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Angela Peel


Imago Certification

Certified Imago Therapist



Other Qualifications

BA, PG Dip



Areas of interest

Sexual Issues
Same Sex Relationships
New Relationships
Getting Married


Relationship coaching offers you the possibility of having the relationship you want, of understanding what’s gone wrong and how you can fix it, and of finding fulfilment.

As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, I work with both individuals and couples, of any age or sexual orientation, to understand the causes of pain and conflict within their relationships. Together we explore what you need, why there is disconnection and hurt and, ultimately, how you can get the relationship you want.

If you come as a couple, we work to understand why conflicts arise and how you can learn to use them as opportunities for healing and growth that can transform your relationship and move you back into connection. Or, if the rupture is too great, I can assist you in facilitating as harmonious an ending as possible.

If you come as an individual, you may want to work on issues you’re encountering within your love relationship, or within your relationships with friends, family or colleagues. If you’re single, you may want to understand better what’s holding you back from meeting someone, why your relationships always seem to follow a particular pattern, or why you tend to be attracted to the same sort of person – there is always a lot to discover!

Whatever your relationship status, or however challenging the problems you are facing, I can guide you towards clarity of understanding and the harmony it brings.

I work with couples in two locations: in Edinburgh at The Salisbury Centre and in London, N8 (address will be provided)


Edinburgh, EH16 5AB and London, N8

Contact Details

Mobile Number: 07531 966 701
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)