“Imago Couples Therapy is the most effective model for understanding relationships.  It works!”

Pat Love, EdD Author of “The Truth about Love” and “Hot Monogamy”

“Before undertaking the Imago training, I didn’t have the confidence to work with couples, despite my training.  I no longer feel that I am acting as referee, arbitrator or ‘fixer’ - but instead I really love the deep connection and breakthroughs couples make when they feel safe enough to learn to listen deeply to themselves and each other “

Sue McEvoyImago Therapist

“I feel that I am in extremely capable, competent hands. Sophie demonstrates mastery and confidence in a way that invites, motivates and includes. I leave here feeling confident to sit in a session with a couple in a completely new way.”

FP, London Imago Therapist

For Professionals

There are a number of trainings available to professionals and individuals interested in integrating the Imago model into their work.  All programmes are run by Imago Relationship International (IRI) and delivered by highly skilled Imago therapists and trainers.

Should you be interested in one or more of these trainings, please contact Sophie Slade directly regarding the Basic Clinical Training and the Educator/Facilitator Training.  Visit the IRI website for all advanced training on offer worldwide.

Basic Clinical Training

This one year clinical training is available to qualified counsellors and psychotherapists who want to expand their toolkit and integrate the most effective relationship therapy model available today.  Run annually in the UK by Sophie Slade this training offers you the opportunity to:-

  • Learn the most effective model for working with couples
  • Develop competency in the Imago dialogue processes
  • Integrate a deeper understanding of Imago theory
  • Learn how to set up an Imago practice

2-Day Introduction to Imago Therapy

If you would like a taste of the Imago Relationship Therapy approach you can register for a 2-day Introduction to Imago Therapy run annually in the UK by Kalanit Ben-Ari.
Those who choose to continue to a full certification program as an Imago Therapist or Professional Facilitator will receive credit for these two days from Imago Relationships International towards their training.

Facilitator Training

For those of you who are interested in Imago, but hold no formal clinical qualification, may wish to train as an Imago Facilitator.
This training will help people such as business owners and managers, team leaders, health care workers, educators, clergy, coaches and others deepen their own personal understanding of Imago theory and practice so that they can bring the relationship skills and knowledge into their own area of expertise.  This four module training focuses on working one on one, with dyads, with groups and families and in organizations.  It is a training for people who have personally experienced the power and potential of Imago and want to apply it outside of the area of couples therapy.

As an Imago Facilitator you will develop the skills to help participants deepen their understanding and practice of Imago so they can integrate into their personal and professional lives.

Should you be interested in becoming an Imago Facilitator please contact Sophie Slade or visit http://www.imagorelationships.org.

Advance Clinical Trainings

There are a number of advanced clinical trainings available to certified Imago therapists and Educators. Advanced training is available worldwide through IRI website

Some of these Advanced Trainings include:-

  • Clinical Skills 1: Brilliant at the Basics
  • Despair to Repair: Helping Couples Heal and Grow Through Crisis
  • Attuned Therapist: Working with Reactivity and Resistance
  • and Receiving Love: Living Wholeheartedly