OprahOprah listed her show with Harville Hendrix and this way of working with couples as one of her Top 20 Shows throughout her 20 years of having her own show.
This model changed her view of relationships.
She also included an article, the Marriage Repair Kit, using the Imago model in her 2005 book, Live Your Best Life.

“I have found that when my relationships work, that everything in my life works.”

Alanis MorissetteRecording artist and songwriter

“I know of no better guide for couples who genuinely desire a maturing relationship.”

Scott PeckAuthor of The Road Less Traveled and other best-selling books


About Imago

Imago therapy has revolutionised the way professionals work with couples and individuals who want to change their relationship with themselves and their partners. 

Developed by Harville Hendrix and Helen La Kelly Hunt this highly practical and effective method has helped thousands of couples worldwide establish more connected, passionate and joyful relationships.

The core principles of Imago therapy are based on two of Harville’s earliest books ‘Keeping the Love you Find’ and ‘Getting the Love you Want’.  In short these principles are:-

  • Eliminating the idea of ‘right and wrong’ and replacing it with a deep sense of curiosity and loving care for yourself and your partner
  • Raising consciousness around your projections and their impact on your relationships
  • That all relationships move through Romantic Love into the Power Struggle and have the potential to move to conscious joyful relating
  • Understanding your childhood wounding. How you adapted to it and the impact it has on your life and relationships
  • Imago Dialogue is the core technique used for all conversations.  The Imago Dialogue:-
    • Promotes change and growth
    • Establishes an environment of safety which transforms conflict into connection
    • Offers a safe space to begin re-romanticizing the relationship
    • Allows you to be accurately heard and hear

Imago was originally developed to help couples and individuals establish successful and long lasting relationships. 

However, Imago understands that, in extreme circumstances, separation and/or divorce may seem like the only option. In these situations, Imago offers you a set of tools you can use to navigate this difficult period allowing each of you to be responsible and respectful throughout.

In addition, if there are children to consider, Imago offers a brilliant set of tools to face the ongoing challenges of co-parenting.